my creative side

I am always trying to start a new hobby that allows me to be creative. I once had a very creative side, but since being in the real world, all of that has been put to the side. When I was younger I explored every instrument or creative activity I could find. I’ve been blessed to have parents that never said no to anything that was positive. As a result, I’ve taken piano lessons, violin lessons, played clarinet, been on the swim team, taken tennis lessons – you name it, and if it crossed my mind as an interest, I was doing it.

I miss having those outlets. Today, I want to find that again, but not so much in activities that are group oriented – like my music or sports days, but rather things I can do on my own, anywhere. I work long hours and often travel, so it would be nice to get into hobbies that can go with me.

Recently I’ve explored jewelry making and flower design. I am always thinking of jewelry I wish I could find, so why not make it? Flower design is an old hobby from my high school days. I was reminded by a friend of another hobby I tried to pick up about two years ago, knitting. This month I’m going to see how I can carve out the time to invest my time in one of these.

As soon as the weather turns once and for all, I’m going to get my bike out (yet another hobby) and dedicate time to roaming my neighborhood and beyond. That’ll definitely support my weight loss efforts!

I picked up a leisure book over the Christmas holidays. I’m reading a series of books by Octavia Butler, an amazing Science Fiction writer, referred to as the Patternist Series. It has been great to read a book for pleasure again. I’ll be doing a lot of more of that too.

So, I guess I’m getting out of my system the desire to pick up something creative. To do things related to me and my interests outside of work. I think I’m going to start with the jewelry making and knitting. Let’s see what I can come up with. šŸ™‚

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