My meds must really be good and on point now because even as a lay here drowning, I’m not sad. Instead I continue to juggle, keeping it all in the air.

I guess like Oprah, I’m cured (smirk). I have found my ‘place of peace’. Somebody needs to tell Oprah she’s in remission. Stop using terms like we’re idiots.

Did I mention that I’m watching Oprah right now, lol. I hate the way she’s hosting this discussion on thyroid issues. They are contributing nothing to the American public’s knowledge base.

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2 Comments on “drowning”

  1. vicky Says:

    Lol Oprah is def in remission…she’s back and foth with all her issues but being the richest black woman she could do what she wants and get evrybody on board…when make 235 million in a year u get to do these things but on a serious note the thyroid issue is a major issue for black women and before you knock Oprah you should do a little bit of reaearch.I caught that thyroid show show and it was very educational. A lot of women are suffering from thyroid problems and if they caught that show I’m sure it answered a bunch of questions…just ask your mother!!!!!!

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    Thanks for your comment, but Oprah still doesn’t have a clue about her own health. It’s very obvious that she hasn’t done any research into what she just dealt with regarding her thyroid issues. I’m sure she will cause many to investigate thyroid problems as the source of their issues with other illnesses like depression, weight gain/loss, fatigue, etc.; but she didn’t give any real information to anyone and in some ways gave misinformation.

    As for my mother, I inherit my thyroid issues from my Father’s side. I’ve done my homework.

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