yay me!

Awhile back I noted that a motivator for my weight loss efforts was being just a little smaller at each of my big events scheduled for this year.

Well, I successfully navigated this weekend’s event FIVE POUNDS lighter than I would’ve been if I hadn’t been eating right and drinking my water. Yay me!

My next event begins February 11. I have other activities in between, but I don’t want to make the goal too short term and end up putting undo stress on myself. My goal for February 11 is to be down a minimum of 5 lbs. I’d like to be down 8. The reason for the 8 lb goal is because I will be starting an exercise routine (in between travel) this week. Working out is always good for about 8 lbs off. That goal would put me almost halfway to my goal of 30 lbs lost by June. Just putting it in those terms makes it seem attainable.

This year I’ve opened my mind to the understanding that I have to put in the work to see the results…and that the results are what will change my life. This afternoon or tomorrow, I’m going to purchase more quiche. That has been a good resource for quick starting my efforts. I won’t be ordering my pre-made food this week because I have too many lunch meetings this week. Instead I’ll have to make wise choices and will lean on the quiche to get me through the week.

5 lbs down, let’s add 5 lbs more!

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