Well, I should be packing, but I need my house to warm up first. It’s freezing! The regular setting is not doing it tonight.

I head out of town tomorrow. I can’t wait to get to 73 degree weather. Such a nice reprieve from the freezing temps we’re experiencing right now. I hope all goes well, that it’s educational, and fun. I will be on my own for the most part and I hope I find some good adventures to get into in between work. If nothing else, maybe I can jump start my workout program, catch up on some reading, eat some good sushi, and see some great sights. It will be great to have time to focus on myself. Work will be time consuming, but I have a few windows of opportunity for relaxation. Heck, I might even try the hotel spa!

I haven’t been a good dieter at all. I haven’t had the focus for whatever reason. I will make up for it while I’m out of town. This week I’ll have lots of great options for food right at my finger tips. Next week, one of my good friends will be with me and we both have similar goals for weight loss and fitness. I also put exercise on both of our calendars to get us going when we get back in town. I think being over booked was the biggest problem. Next month I have a lot less going on and will have to remember to keep it that way.

I’m still single, not looking, but Facebook seems to be a man magnet. I have one guy who has progressed to calling and another who spends his days sending me pokes, lol. I am starting to understand men a lot more (not nearly enough, but more). I see now they are really driven by their attraction to a woman. The one who I talk to on the phone is pricing plane tickets to visit (without an invite, lol), talking about he’s heard we have good BBQ. Men will cut off their right hand for a taste of a woman. I now see. What I don’t see is how to get them past that blinding attraction to the point where they see me as special and more. How do you keep the spark going and keep them interested? One of life’s mysteries.

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