weight and weight and weight

I don’t know what the deal is, but I can’t seem to get this weight loss thing together!  I just needed to say that.  I know what to do and yet I don’t do it.


Well, today has started well.  Lunch will probably blow it.  Argh.  I should be positive though.  Instead I’ll say at lunch I will enjoy the company and have a reasonable meal.  This week, I will get this weight loss train rolling.

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3 Comments on “weight and weight and weight”

  1. The Planner Says:

    Don’t beat yourself up. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint, and sometimes you have to walk for a bit.

  2. Acai Says:

    Wish you a success.

  3. TwentyTwo Says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. It all seems so close and easy yet so far. Definitely a marathon.

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