back to truth

I’m so glad for this post.  It is a post I go back to at least monthly to remind myself of where I want to go this year and beyond.  It’s so helpful.

Today I had another realization.  I’m starting to understand the reason I never seem to make progress may be because I never focus on one thing at a time.  I’m always trying to do all of it at the same time.  Tonight I worked on just one thing – cleaning my kitchen, along with making a list of what I couldn’t accomplish tonight and surprise – I completed the task and have a sense of what I can take on next time I’m free.

So, progress point for me.  The challenge is that I’m so far behind on everything in my life, I just feel concerned that I’ll never catch up doing one thing at once. 😦  I’m just so tired of needing help and 1) not finding it and 2) not making progress on my own. 😦


I’ve been planning to hire some help, but you know how that goes, you want to get some of your foolishness and mayhem (as Niecy Nash would say) under control before you bring in another person.  *big sigh*  And by the time I do that, I won’t need help, because despite my messes, I am a great cleaner and organizer.

What to do, what to do.  I guess one day at a time.  Tomorrow I’m going to my doctor’s appointment to have a needle poked in my neck (alone) – a fine needle aspiration – to check the nodules on my thyroid, then I’m going to Central Market to pick up a few meals, and finally I’m going to get an oil change and to read work stuff while I wait.  When I’m done I plan on taking a nice walk through my neighborhood.  No time to catch up, just time to keep afloat.

*triple sigh*

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