honesty box

fb2 posted this in response to my face.book honesty box question, “Would you date me, why, why not?”

Yes, you are a pretty lady and very smart. You have a great personality and know how to have fun. You are adventurous and not afraid to do something new. You live and I like that. Lastly, you have that southern charm.

Nice.  Now the post was anonymously sent, but it sounds so like him.  🙂

Things are going well between us.  We need to visit one another, but neither of us needs to spend the money.  My issue is a little deeper in that I don’t want to make the first move, as I always have in the past.  I need something different.  I’m fine where we are today.  We are about to hit the end of 3 months of getting to know each other.  I feel like we are really forming something good.  I just, always, wonder what will it be with the distance.

One day at a time.

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