tomorrow i start over

Today C. and I begin a new journey. Today we are resetting our eating habits with the help of the Fat Smash Diet program by Dr. Ian Smith. For anyone who knows me, weight loss has been my issue since I was in high school. In recent years, I’ve discovered that 1) I wasn’t overweight in high school and 2) my weight gain as an adult has been related to undiagnosed health issues.

Now that I’m past all of that, it’s time to create new habits for the great life I’ve created for myself. It was C.’s idea to use the Fat Smash program as our guide. I’ve had the book for years and was a fan of Celebrity Fit Club, but I never really investigated the program. I’m just not a diet person, but after reading the book, I found I liked the approach of resetting my relationship with food. I have to do something. I don’t want to be this weight and lifestyle and health dictate that I have to do something more aggressive than what I’m currently doing.

So today C. and I are meeting to buy our food and plan out Phase 1 – nine days of vegetarian eating. I can’t wait.

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2 Comments on “tomorrow i start over”

  1. The Planner Says:

    How exciting! I loved Fit Club, too, and the diet definitely works. Plus, you have a diet buddy, which should really help.

    I am looking forward to following your success.

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    Thanks for the support. I’m using my blog as my diet journal. So far the program seems so simple. I’m not sure why all the celebrities on Fit Club were complaining! I suppose it about mindset though. If you aren’t mentally ready to eat healthy foods, it can be a challenge.

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