24 hours in

I’m 24 hours into the Fat Smash Diet.  So far so good.  I haven’t had a moment of feeling hungry.  In fact, I’m starting to try to figure out how to eat less.  I just can’t eat all these meals and eat large portions.    I’m a little concerned about my mental ability to sustain a fruit and vegetable based diet, but day 2 is almost half done and I’m still hanging in there. 

One thing I clearly see is that there is a dividing line between fat and skinny.  On the fat side are buttered rolls, pasta, chocolaty desserts, sodas,  and processed and fast foods.  On the skinny side are fruits vegetables, lean meats and dairy, whole grains, nuts, and exercise.  It really is that simple.  Skinny can eat on the fat side occasionally, but you can’t live on the fat side and hope to remain skinny. 

So it all comes down to a decision.  Do you want to live in the land of fat or the land of skinny.  That is my decision to make and once I’ve made it, my body will reflect it.  Today, as I head into 48 hours on the Fat Smash Diet, I recognize that I want to live in the land of the skinny.  That means I have to eat well most days and save the things that dwell in fat land for special treats….special treats that occur once a month or so, not every day or every week.

I think I’m okay with that.  Having Central Market as my primary source of food makes me believe I can succeed.  It’s not all on my shoulders.  The most I have to do is to prepare myself for the day ahead.  I can do that, especially if it means by my 35th birthday I can be 30 lbs lighter…heck, maybe even 35 lbs lighter!

I can’t wait unti next Wednesday, weigh in day.  Pray for me.  A good head start of 7-10 lbs would be so incredibly motivating.  Having a new life would be rejuevenating.

See you at my 5 p.m. snack!

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