day 5

Notice how I’m getting better? 🙂  I’ve definitely reduced my planned intake.  Tomorrow the folks at work are planning a big breakfast blow out with taquitos, Chick-fil-a minis, donuts, *sigh* you name it in bad food.  I am planning to arm myself!  (Update:  I was strong!  I didn’t eat anything and really wasn’t interested….although those Chick-fil-a mini’s looked good!)

8 a.m.  (Meal #1): 1 cup of granola, 2 cups 1% milk

11 a.m. (Meal #2, heavy snack):  banana, 1/2 cup oatmeal 

2 p.m. (Meal #3): broccoli soup, saltines (7)

5 p.m. (Meal #4, light snack): (didn’t eat, I was behind schedule today.)

7 p.m. (Meal #5): vegetarian burger patty, wilted spinach, orange juice

9 p.m. (Light Snack): 1 cup 1% milk, granola (I should’ve eaten fruit or vegetables, but I didn’t have a plan and I’m a little off tonight with my timing and eating.  In fact, I need to plan for tomorrow.)

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