a phone call before

FB2 just called me on his way from a friend’s party on his way to another. I felt so nervous! Ugh. The weirdness that happens when you admit you like someone. I think I kept my weirdness under control. I hope I did. We had light talk about our weekends so far. I love how he tells me everything he’s doing from the last time we talked to the near future. I find it very endearing because I know it’s his way of saying, don’t worry about us, I am not looking elsewhere. I know there are no guarantees seeing that we live in two different parts of the country, but I appreciate the effort.

I guess it’s the same as my wishing him a night of fun. I want him to know that I’m secure with him going out and having a life now and will be in the future. I’m not sure where my nervousness is coming from, but I know it’ll be just fine when he calls tomorrow.

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