Day 10

Today begins Phase Two! I made it! Phase Two lasts three weeks and allows for meat. My goal for this phase is to stick to the basic meal plans I created in Phase One and to eat no more than a palmful of meat for lunch and dinner. I hope to find soup options with less cream at Whole Foods or by making my own from the dry lentils and recipes available at Central Market. If I do, I’m okay with having at least one meal be vegetarian.

8 a.m. (Meal #1): 1 cup of oatmeal, blueberries, string cheese

11 a.m. (Meal #2, heavy snack): 2 granola bars

2 p.m. (Meal #3): 1/2 slice of turkey meatloaf, 1 cup brown rice with lentils, carrots and snow peas

5 p.m. (Meal #4, light snack): almonds, sweet potatoes

7 p.m. (Meal #5): half of a CM spinach salad and strawberries with 1/2 chicken breast and lemon vinaigrette, okra chips

9 p.m. (Light Snack): 1 cup orange juice

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2 Comments on “Day 10”

  1. The Planner Says:

    I highly recommend making your own vegetable soups. I have a couple of recipes in my recipe file, but making tomato soup from scratch takes all of 25 minutes and has only as much cream or yogurt or kefir as you want to add (or none at all). You chop and sauté half an onion in some olive oil, add a can of excellent tomatoes, some salt and herbs, simmer, blend, done.

    I love the soups (and chili) from Whole Foods, but this is so easy and so delicious. More importantly, it’s so healthy.

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    I’ll take a look. Thanks as always for the tips. Seeing your success and the path you took is inspiring my own path!

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