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I’ve been working since I was a teenager.  I’ve been financially independent since I received my first scholarship at 18.  I’ve had my own place since I was 20, but this economy has done a number on my ability to hold it together.

Yesterday my Mom called me with some news.  My Dad wanted to take one of my bills and pay it out, starting with the smallest one and working up.  I just cried.  All the stress of trying to pay on old bills while continuously adding new ones (like my medical bills) has been such a burden.  I felt the stress in my shoulders fall off like a brick with those few words.  It’s been hard being on my own my whole life with no support.  I don’t mean emotional support, but life support. 

I’ve been living away from home since I was 18 and in that time I’ve never asked for one dime to pay for my education, my living expenses, my car, my food, my life – nothing.  I just always felt like I had to do it on my own.  So as my finances deteriorated or as challenges like my health came up, I just continued to make a way. 

This economy has caused alot of that facade to crumble.  Being taken under by health issues and the stress of my job just left me with no defenses.  My parents came to visit me this spring and I think they finally saw my less than perfect self.  My house wasn’t picture perfect as it normally is, I was tired from my thyroid issues and meds being off, and I just couldn’t be everybody’s everything.

So my Dad called with his can do attitude, lol, and said, email or mail me the bill you want paid, and I’ll take care of it.  You move on to another one.  That is a gift I have never had in my adult life – someone taking care of me.  It is truly a blessing that has come right on time.

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