hair history

I talked to my Mom last night to find out more about what my natural hair looked like pre-relaxer.  Apparently, it was already straight.  Now I could’ve sworn she used to press my hair, but in looking at my baby and kindergarten pictures, I can’t seem to find one of me with an afro.  That’s just like me, wanting to be another version of black, lol.  I’m the same kid who used to hate that I didn’t have dark black hair like everybody else and instead had brown with blond streaks. 

If it turns out my hair is basically straight, with  maintenance (my Mom said my hair would be poofy, but it didn’t require straightening), reverting to my natural hair should be fairly easy.  I came home last night and did what I should’ve been doing for the past 15 years and took care of my hair. 

Thursday night, I washed my hair with Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo and conditioned with Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner.  My hair was so soft the next day.  I haven’t used a leave-in conditioner in awhile and I love it.  My hair drinks moisture.  Having a product that adds moisture in my hair between washes is just what I need.

Last night, I came home and sprayed water on my roots.  I then sprayed my roots with Nexxus Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisturizing Leave-In Spray.  Before going to bed, I used African Royale Hot Six Oil on my hair (avoiding my scalp and roots).  I woke up the next day with soft hair, and the best part, my roots were soft, frizz free, and still had a hint of wave.  Love it! 

Somewhere along the way, I forgot that my hair LOVES moisture.  In college when I had time to think on these things, I used to drench my hair with moisture daily.  Now I never do that.  I wash, dry, wrap.  The only moisture my hair sees is in the products I use and the shower when I wash my hair.  The result is a dry, frizzy mess. 

I’m so glad to be in this year of change.  I’ve grown so much in such a short time.  My hair is just one small feature of who I am, but taking the time to find my healthiest hair and to break the mold I’ve been in for the past 15 years or more, will be so huge towards the growth I’m trying to achieve.

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