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C. and I have made it to the end of Phase 2! Well, it officially ends on Tuesday, but we have done our prep for Phase 3. Phase 3 is the time where you can eat carbs, they just have to be whole grain. We’ve decided to go back to Phase 1, Monday through Friday, and to have the option to eat in Phase 2 (primarily lean meats added) and Phase 3 (whole wheat carbs) on the weekends. We even have the option of throwing in a treat, but it has to be one meal every blue moon and it is recommended that a workout soon follows.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in Phase 3! Our decision to go back to Phase 1 instead of eating the added foods we are allowed to have is because we loved Phase 1. With hypothyroid issues, it’s already hard enough to lose weight, and to find a lifestyle that lets that happen (primarly being a vegetarian, low-carb eater) is fantastic.

I don’t feel ready to eat at Phase 3 or 4. I like having the option to have a good pasta meal, but until I reach a significant weight loss, I’d rather have a foundation built on vegetables and fruit, with pasta and other carbs for flavor.

The Plan:

Monday through Friday – Phase 1 foods
Weekends and Special Days – Phase 2 (lean meats), Phase 3 (whole grain breads and pastas), and Phase 4 (everything) (note each phase also adds more servings of Phase 1 foods)

*It’s important to note that eating Phase 4 foods should go along with 1 hour of exercise daily and should be done in moderation.

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