measurements, day 34

This week: minus 2 lbs and 5 inches all over
Total Lost: 5.5 lbs and 9.25 inches all over


Weight: 215.0 (minus 2 lbs)

Chest: 37.5 (bra measurement) (minus .5 in) (minus 1 in. total)

Upper Waist: 37.5 in. (minus 1 in.) (minus 1.5 in. total)

Waist: 36.5 in. (minus .5 in) (minus 2 in. total)

Lower Waist: 41.5 in. (minus 1 in.) (minus 2 in. total)

Hips: 44.5 in. (minus 1.5 in.) (minus 1.75 in. total) I LOST 1.5 INCHES IN MY HIPS THIS WEEK!

Thighs: 28.5 in.

Calf: 16.5 in.

Bicep: 14.5 in. (minus .5 in.) (minus 1 in. total)

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