excursions into the real world

This weekend was an excursion into the real world. Definitely a scary place. My biggest challenge was a visit to the Cheesecake Factory with friends last night. They have a great new small plate menu, so that helped. I ended up with a tuna tartar (kind of a mini ahi tuna tower), fried artichokes (bad), and a slice of cheesecake (super bad!). I shared the artichoke when I saw it was deep fried and I only nibbled at the cheesecake, so not too bad, but the experience definitely made an impression.

I felt slightly terrified that I was in the situation without a life jacket. I thought through all of my Fat Smash lessons and it helped, but there was still this feeling of not wanting to make a big deal of eating healthy on a fun night out with friends. I kept thinking, I’m always on a ‘diet’ and I never show results. I’ll seem like a joke. Now logically, I know this wouldn’t be true, but internally, I just didn’t want to stand out.

In hindsight, I should’ve orderd the tuna tartar and a glass of wine and I would’ve been fine. Instead, I ordered what they had and felt icky. At least I didn’t eat it all and I have plans to workout twice today. It is definitely a lesson learned. I have to stick to my program regardless of the crowd. Thankfully there is always something on the menu (generally speaking) and I have to work hard to find those items AND stick to them. I don’t want anything to slow down my progress.

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