still single

I wonder when that will change. It’s not normal to be 34 and alone.

fb2 has been enjoying a full weekend with his circle. That usually means limited, if any contact. It’s like he thinks because I know what he’s doing and because his plate is full, he doesn’t have to email or text me until the weekend ends.

On one hand, it’s cool because he is very forthcoming in what he’s doing. Plus with, you can’t hide much, lol. Folks post pics and tag relentlessly.

On the other hand, I’m not interested in a light, fun, fling with someone. I want a relationship. I want to be thought of and considered daily, not when life is quiet and there isn’t much else to do. I appreciate having a full plate and not being available as a result, but being on someone’s radar – being missed, while in the midst, is what I need.

I’m glad I have other things to focus on. I just wish I could find someone to share it with besides C. and a blog.

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