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day 40

June 5, 2009

8 a.m. (Meal #1): oatmeal, blueberries

11 a.m. (Meal #2, heavy snack): string cheese, granola

2 p.m. (Meal #3): tomato soup, saltines (7)

5 p.m. (Meal #4, light snack): pineapples

7 p.m. (Meal #5): sweet potato, strawberry yogurt smoothie

9 p.m. (Light Snack): almonds

birthday plans

June 5, 2009

My birthday plans are shaping up!  Only one more weekend to plan and I’ll have six weeks of fun, fun, fun!

Event #1
Trip home to see the family!  I can’t wait. 🙂

Event #2
-Southern Brunch at Screen Door
Cork Wines (West Village), taste and purchase
-West Village window shopping (by then, I should be down at least 10-12 lbs!)
-Movie or Evening Patio

Event #3
-Family BBQ with lots of hotdogs, barbeque chicken, baked beans, roasted vegetables, and turkey burgers and ‘THE’ birthday cake with special birthday medallion and special candles (purchased from La Duni – either the cuatro leches or triple chocolate truffle cake, I’m leaning towards the chocolate!)

Event #4
-Happy Hour meet up
-The Taste of Dallas and Downtown Stroll

Event #5
Knitting Class and Chai Tea (best chai in town)
– Explore Uptown


Event #6


June 5, 2009

Just a note to say that fb2 seems to be MIA.  We haven’t really talked in weeks (just texts, IM’s, and a brief call here and there, just not the long marathon calls like we used to).  This week it’s felt like he was completely absent.  I got an IM on 6/2, but that’s been it.  Not even a return hello.

Not sure what to make of it.  We clearly aren’t dating.  He’s always clear about that.  I know the interest is there, but we’ve never met and he’s still okay with me kissing other guys (a question I asked).

So, gone or just busy or taking a break.  Who knows.  I guess I should go with what I know and that’s that I need to keep living my life and leave him to living his.