old is old

Have you ever had this dude you used to talk to, but nothing ever happened because he didn’t want to act?  Who knows why.  Maybe he claimed he was a commitment phobe or the distance was too great?  Then when you decide to move on, he decides to pursue something?  Even plans a trip to visit.  What is with that?  And how do you tell him you aren’t interested, after saying you aren’t interested so that he really gets it? 

I have this situation and this guy just doesn’t get it.  On top of that, he’s so negative.  Everything is bad in his life because of the economy.  I can’t take it.  I don’t want to call or have you call and absolutely nothing is positive in your life.  At a minimum thank God you’re alive and breathing!

One day guys will realize that it’s a gift that I like you or that I’m willing to see what can be.  Don’t take it for granted the joy, affection, and attention I give you.  And don’t assume it will be there when you aren’t returning the enthusiasm.  This wonderfulness is reserved for special people.  Don’t miss out because you think it’ll always be there!

Ugh.  Just had to get that vent out.

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