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day 60

June 24, 2009

8 a.m. (Meal #1): oatmeal

11 a.m. (Meal #2, heavy snack): cashews

2 p.m. (Meal #3): vegetarian chili, popcorn

5 p.m. (Meal #4, light snack): popcorn

7 p.m. (Meal #5): 1/2 salmon burger with seaweed salad, avocado, and fresh fruit

9 p.m. (Light Snack): none


life is so…

June 24, 2009

…GREAT! I am back in town and getting caught up on my life after a five day break. I must say it’s pretty darn great to come back to your life and be excited about it. I am working on my reading list and my plans to finally move from knitting groupie to an actual knitter, even if only a beginner.

I’m also getting geared up for my next birthday event! This is going to be a great summer. It’s already been a great year. I have so many irons in the fire – weight loss, hair, birthday, fb2…now a book list and knitting. Life is great!