home decor – living room and kitchen

I finally have a color scheme for my living room and kitchen.  After months of testing sample colors, it has come to life!  My inspiration room is the dining room at Screen Door Restaurant in Dallas.  It’s a little bit Southern, a little club-like, but still feminine.  Perfect for what I have in mind.

Screen Door dining room

Screen Door Dining Room (the room looks green, but it’s actually more cream; and when I dined there, they had white roses, which I loved more than the peach ones shown)

I’ve started painting my walls a beautiful beige, heavily tinged with brown. It’s like the perfect shade of brown cream, interesting without being too dark.

Sherwin Williams

I currently have chocolate leather sofas with dark and medium wood tables around the room.

leather sofa

I found the perfect pillows at Marshall’s on a back aisle a few weeks ago. Having the defining fabric in hand has really helped me develop my interior design.

pleated pillow

I tried to deny green as my color for a long time. Even though it’s my favorite color, I just never could find a color that didn’t look like a leprechan might jump out or that icky cafeteria shade. Best of all, the rowan pleating on the pillows give it a look of comfort and interest. The silk material adds an elegance that allows the room to float between comfort and luxury.

Over the fireplace, I want to hang a dark wood, round mirror. I hope to find interesting candle holders to frame it on both sides.


I’ll finish it all with lots of great accessories ranging from orange (candles and vases) to cream (candles, accessories, curtains with a pattern), with various shades of brown (shelves, candle holders, accessories) mixed in.

It’ll be awhile before it all comes together, but I have most of the big pieces. Little touches like a new countertop (brown, black, cream, gold undertones), a backsplash, new tables (more elegant kitchen table), and curtains will finish it off. My inspiration room above gives a great sense of how I’d like to finish the kitchen and the living room in general – lots of softness, sparkle (glass), comfort, and elegance.

I can’t wait to pull it all together. I plan on hosting a small dinner party of all my closest friends when I’m done.

More inspiration…


Perfect for the adjacent bathroom (the colors and accessories, not the shelving or sink!)

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One Comment on “home decor – living room and kitchen”

  1. There are so many little things you can do to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom. Look for towel holders, lazy susans, soap dispensers and other small but noticeable items.

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