what about your friends?

Who are my friends? 

Every once in awhile, I’m reminded that I don’t have a crew.  You know, those folks you have been friends with since elementary school, or those you joined sorority with, maybe even that college click that you grew into adulthood with.

I’m not sure why I’ve never seemed to create these kinds of relationships with people.  I have plenty of individual friends, but they always have that group thing with others, often in a way that just doesn’t seem possible to include me.

So who are my friends?

C. is obviously a great friend these days.  She has a sorority, college crew.

A. is a good person and friend.  She is a part of what you’d think would be my crew from college and sorority, but for whatever reason, I am not.  I think it has to do with not being there for the drinking and traveling (I had no money for that) in college.  I guess the lesson there is that common experiences bond.

N. is my ace, but we aren’t in a crew.

The other N. is a new friend, but she isn’t one to want to get out.  Now that she has a bf, she’s more of a homebody.  No crew potential there, lol.

T. is a childhood friend, but she and I, while more like sisters, don’t have the same interests specifically speaking.  We have a lose crew from childhood/family ties, but it’s more like she’s my family than my crew.  Great to have for sure.

Y. is my family and we are a two man crew.

Overall, as I’ve said, I have great friends, many I haven’t even bothered to name.  Primarily though, since I have no disposible income for travel, it’s hard to do much more than the movies and dinner; and apparently that doesn’t create crew development opportunities, lol.

I do know, that I need to get out, pursue my interests, and maybe one of these days I’ll wake up and have a crew of girlfriends for all the adventures I’d love to have, just not on my own.

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