wardrobe revisted

While my eating hasn’t been as perfect as I’d like, I still seem to be making progress. Over the past few weeks I’ve found I can wear many of the button down shirts I had to let go of because I’d gotten too big. Even today I have on a button down I’d long ago put in the back of my closet because it was too tight.

I know that’s a reason to celebrate, but I feel like I’m one bad meal away from being out of them again. I’ve been trying to find my motivation to push into a new category. I seem to be inching my way there, but there is still that issue of me lacking the committment to make the hard decisions like eating completely right and exercising more regularly.

I’ve mentioned before that clothes are always a motivation, so I’m going to dig deep into my wardrobe and invest in several new pieces that remind me of what I’m trying to accomplish. More in my next post!

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