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As I travel on my natural hair journey, I’m starting to slowly experiment with new products.  Right now I have primarily relaxed hair, so the average joe wouldn’t even know I haven’t had a relaxer in 3 months.  Generally speaking, my roots are thick and wavy when properly moisturized.  There is only a visible texture difference when my roots are dry.

I can’t wait to have more natural than relaxed hair, but for now, I’m going to hold on to the length via my relaxed ends and work on finding the right product mix to achieve a healthy look and feel.  My first experiment was with a shea butter recipe found on one of my favorite hair blogs Texture Playground.  The recipe was simple enough and I found all of the ingredients at Texas Natural Supply.

I started with my now usual routine of wash and condition with Biolage (see the ‘Hair’ link in the right column of my blog for details).  I didn’t attempt to rinse all of the conditioner out, although I did do a solid rinse.  I then used Aphogee leave-in conditioner and rubbed Hot Six oil on my hair (not the roots).  After mixing the shea butter recipe, I massaged my roots and gave a light coating to my hair with the butter, then sealed with Sabino Moisture Block.

I wrapped my hair in a scarf to let it air dry.  This morning I woke up with more stretched out roots (straighter, less thickness), but still a little wave.  Best of all, my roots are moisturized and haven’t soaked in all of the shea butter leaving them soft.  I can’t say some drastic change has occured using the shea butter blend, but am I glad I went through the exercise of creating a recipe.  I see now the possibilities of personalizing a product for myself to create what I need and to infuse various fragrances that fit me.

I also see the potential butters have for meeting the moisture needs I have to keep my roots soft and manageable, but still having my natural texture.  I’d like to find something lighter and to tweak the scent.  The shea butter is nice, but I’d love to find a less thick butter.  Overall I think it’s too heavy for my hair.  I do think if I find the right one, I’ll have an amazing moisturizer that will keep my hair soft and beautiful!

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