back to planning the weekend

I’m not sure if fb2 has a sixth sense, but it was nice to get a call from him yesterday.  I try not to dwell on the fact that I’m 35, single, and alone with no prospects ever in life, but sometimes it’s hard.  Sure there is always someone around, but who cares if that someone isn’t becoming a boyfriend, a husband, a father and I’m not becoming a girlfriend, a wife, or a mother?  These thoughts are no reflection on fb2, but even with him, I don’t know his intentions.  I just know for six months he’s been calling and he wants us to visit and travel together.  In a man’s world that could mean nothing but ‘I think you’re cool and we can hang’, just as much as it could mean ‘I think you’re special and I want us to work out.’.  *sigh*

I told my Mom a few weeks ago that the surface has nothing to do with happiness.  On the surface I have a great job, a nice house, a nice car, a great family, and great friends, but it really will mean nothing to me if I never have love or a family.  Nothing.

But back to planning the weekend.  Since I washed my hair last night, I guess there will be no cliche washing my hair while watching a movie tonight.  I’ll probably swing by Central Market to get a few fresh food items and head home to catch up on my DVR.

I’ve been debating about taking a knitting class on Saturday morning.  I don’t want to commit to something that requires me to be up and out by 10 a.m. this weekend.  I’m notorious for overbooking myself and this weekend, with no friends free, I have all the time in the world to relax.  I’m sure something will come up as always, but I”m not going to look for it.

The main thing I want to do this weekend is walk, do some touch up painting, and clean.  I’d love to visit the knit shop to get set up with what I need to do a project, but I’ve already done 2 classes and really I just need to practice.  Maybe I’ll skip CM and go to the yarn shop after work.  We’ll see.

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