the hair

I survived the new hair treatment!  I only left the mix on for about 25 minutes, so I can’t say there was a hair changing result, however, my hair was incredibly soft in the shower.  My curls did ‘pop’ at the roots.  The were much more defined than I’ve ever seen and perfect spirals.  I now see how I will have the most beautiful curls as it grows out.  With the ‘clumping’ effect, I could see pencil sized curls forming at my roots.  Beautiful!

Since I’m wearing my hair straight, I do see a benefit from the treatment of having more ‘hang’.  My hair is hanging straighter and less poof seems to be happening at my roots.  My roots in the front are straight.  They still have poof, so it isn’t like a relaxer where the thickness is gone, but they are definitely straight and blend in with my relaxed ends.

My bad ass crown is a mix of straight and waves.  It’s not as tangled and is much thinner for sure, but it still feels a little dry and not as smooth as the sides.  I think I just have shorter pieces back there, so there isn’t the same smoothness.  I looked in the mirror and it looks fine, very smooth in fact, so I’ll blame it on shorter pieces.

I’ll definitely do the treatment again, especially when I have more time.  I think if I left it on for an hour, it wouldn’t hurt and it might reduce the poof in the areas that are much thicker than my sides.  Until then, I’ll just enjoy the memory of my cute little curls!


My hair just passed the comb test.  Usually, unless very moisturized, my comb snags when I run it through the hair at my crown (wide tooth comb).  I just combed my hair at 4:30 p.m. and no snags!  Whatever I did last night works well to maintain moisture in my hair.  I must do it again!

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