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My hair is growing and growing!  I co-washed my hair the other day and air dried for convenience using Terri’s conditioner method.  (I am not shingling yet, but I find it is a nice boost to my hair every few weeks to leave in a true conditioner after washing. 

The next morning I found a great new discovery – my curls popping right up at the roots!  Cute, haphazard ‘s’ shaped waves had formed at the root.  With about an inch of new growth, I could see signs of the future to come.  Very exciting and they feel so good, silky little ups and downs all over my head.  They’ve since disappeared as I’ve brushed, wrapped, and flat ironed my hair, but I can’t wait to get to next year when I’ll finally have enough of my natural hair grown in to wear a mop of curls.

Speaking of a mop of hair, here are a few celebrity hair secrets

 Rachel True

Rachel True

Basic Styling Routine – I tend to wet and condition my hair every day, but I only shampoo every third day or so. After towel drying, I put in a good leave-in conditioner, adding a little more as it dries. Sometimes I air dry my hair and fluff with my fingers. Other times I blow dry it for a more controlled look. When I work, the hairstylist tends to go over the top layer with a very small curling iron to nip any frizzies.

Kiel’s Silk Groomer – “It controls the frizzies.”
Tancho Stick -“It’s a little-known gem from Asia,” says Rachel. “It’s a waxy pomade that seals the ends of the hair.”
L’anza Rebalance Leave-In Conditioner – “It just rocks!” she states. “L’anza has a whole line for girls like me with curls and color.”
Tresemme Hydrology – “It’s inexpensive and great for moisturizing my hair.”
L’Oreal – “The line is great if you’ve got color,” Rachel nods before concluding. “I also give myself a cheap hot oil treatment with olive oil and then sit under the dryer.”

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross

Once a week, usually on a Sunday, my trick is that I go to the steam room and I fill my hair up with conditioner. There’s three different conditioners that I’ll use, that’s my deep conditioning day. I wash it once a week, sometimes twice depending on how many products we’ve put in my hair because if you wash it too much it gets dry. There’s a really cheap product called Hair Mayonnaise, it’s an organic product that you can buy at health food stores. It’s a big tub and it’s like a hair growth product [and] really good conditioner. Rene Furterer makes a conditioner called Karite Nourishing Conditioning Cream for dry hair ($22, 3.4 oz.). It’s expensive but good, but I say that the Hair Mayonnaise is just as good and cheap.

In terms of products to get my hair curly during the week, the trick is the Denman brush, a D4 ($17) or the industrial one, it’s the key to curls. [While in the shower,] wet your hair, fill it up with conditioner. I split my hair into six sections, bottom section split it in two, brush it over the shoulder, next section, brush it over the shoulder, etc. Leave the conditioner in. After I’ve brushed it out, I put a little more conditioner in my hair and (shaking the hair gently) I try to make the curls happen. You can see them develop at that point. Put the hair up in a clip, wash the body, do what you gotta do, rinse it out.

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  1. The Misses Says:

    I love Rachel True’s hair!

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