workout routine

I’m not having much success with losing the pounds, but my clothes still fit better and I’m maintaining my focus.

I’ve started working out more – 5 days in a row this week! – and I wanted to document a workout options that seems to be working for me.

Sunday – Class/ 30 minutes of cardio/ Upper body weights/ 45 minute walk/ Tennis (Alternate Gym Day)

Monday – Class/ 45 minute walk

Tuesday – 3 mile walk/ Tennis

Wednesday – Spinning/ 30 minutes of cardio/ Upper body weights

Thursday – 3 mile walk/ Tennis

Friday – Off

Saturday – 45 minute walk/ Class

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2 Comments on “workout routine”

  1. SHE-FIT Says:

    Man, I miss tennis. We moved out to AZ and it’s just too hot to play outside and I’m not one for playing inside. Sounds like you are getting some great workouts in!

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    It’s hard in Texas too. We’ve been trying to catch the cloudy/rainy days. Sometimes we can get a break from the weather by playing in the evening.

    I am definitely looking forward to fall.

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