hair today

Last night I washed using the following routine (I’m documenting to make sure I don’t forget what works):

The results?  Well, while not fabulous, it is functional.  My roots are moisturized and soft.  They blend in with my relaxed ends and my bob is nice and neat.

What I wished I’d accomplished is soft, moveable hair.  Instead it’s soft, shapeable hair, lol.   My hair is so beautifully thick and frizz free.  Best of all it’s growing, but I long for the day it’s long enough to wear in a ponytail.  I could then do away with so much effort to lock moisture in and instead keep it lighter.

I’d love some suggestions on what to do.  I’m taking all of the lessons I’m learning from my research,b ut I still haven’t hit on what gives me moisturized roots, without being heavy on the conditioners and oil.  I’m guess I could solve all of my problems by roller setting or pressing my hair, but I’m not that motivated to have straight hair, lol, to do that kind of work.

I am however, in love with the fact that I really didn’t have to get a relaxer every 6 weeks.  I’m 15 weeks without a relaxer and I haven’t gone bald, lol;  I haven’t had a truly bad hair day (although yesterday with no daily wash was kinda on the border); and my hair is growing like weeds!  I see now why my Aunt only relaxed once a year.  It really isn’t necessary.  I still need to remember to ask her about her hair routine.  In fact, I’ll email her now!

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