eating what’s eating me

The question that always comes up for overweight people (especially those who are obese) is what’s eating you? In other words, what causes you to eat when you know you aren’t hungry or when you know it isn’t going to acheive your goals?

I’ve tried to center my mind around this question for a few weeks now – why do I do things that I know won’t help me be successful? I haven’t been able to answer that question.

I love working out and the Fat Smash Diet has been the tool I’ve always needed to gain a better understanding of how to eat, but I still find those opportunities to eat sweets. And even though eating five times a day has encouraged me to eat more thoughtfully and, I believe, has helped me eat more effectively; I still fight against it by not wanting to eat.

Some answers I believe I know. One thing I have been working on is eating less in the evenings. I still eat on schedule, but I’ve been thinking of eating less at dinner. I’ve been skipping my last snack for awhile. I’m working on eating more fruit at each meal to allow me to eat less (which is my physical desire), but still get in good nutrients.

This eating thing stinks. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take a pill and be full for the rest of the day, taking in just enough calories to allow us to function and thrive, but not enough to gain weight? It’s exhausting having to figure out every few hours what to eat now.

I guess this is my gripe for today. It’s really more than a gripe – it’s me trying to figure it all out.

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