good news

Today I woke up and my hair was so moisturized and silky smooth!  I think last night’s routine is a winner.  I should’ve put a little shine on it before I left the house, but once again, I was able to wear my hair down and have a smooth look.  I’m making progress!

For the most part my roots are straight.  The added moisture relaxes my curl pattern, but it doesn’t change the thickness of my hair.  I find that very interesting because by the end of the day it will be back to up and down waves at the roots.  Also, it isn’t like my roots completely blend with my relaxed hair, last night’s routine seemed to just soften my natural hair and left more of a very soft wave you can’t really notice unless you’re looking.

I’m documenting all of this because I’m looking for what works for my hair both curly and straight. 

It seems that applying more heat (I think I’m going to invest in a Chi) and finding something that holds on to the straightened out look of my natural hair when moisturized would help me have the flat ironed look I want.  So the question is, what is that product!?! (Maybe my Sabino Moisture block?)

In other news, my curl pattern seems really nice.  For the most part it seems to depend on a good curl cream or gel to keep things curly and not frizzy or poofy.

I’m looking foward to having new hair options and to giving my hair a break from chemicals.  It’s hard to not have your hair looking as smooth as you’re used to, and I do feel like waivering and getting a texlax (doing a 2-3 times a year relaxer v. completely natural) or a texturizer, but then I see a woman with beautiful natural hair and I want to keep going.  Four months and counting…

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