lovely way to start the day

fb2 is so the man. He probably doesn’t even know it, lol. He called me this morning on his way to work, something that’s become sort of a routine, and we talked about life. I so want us to define what we’re doing. I definitely want him to say what his actions have been saying for these past six (almost seven!!) months, but I’m being patient.

If he comes to see me in September and we find the attraction that’s there long distance is also real in person, I want us to be something. I will still be patient, but I can’t see moving our relationship to another level without having that in place. I also want there to be a clear idea of when we’ll see each other again. If I can have those things, which I believe I can if he is interested (we’re good about being very direct with each other), I will feel like this thing is real.

If not, I can see giving it until the end of the year and in 2010, putting him firmly in friend category and moving on. My current relationship with him doesn’t stop me from being open to dating others, but I am a one man girl and my heart won’t be divided. Either he accepts it, or it’s off the table.

Isn’t it something how women are so sure, so ready and men are still okay with keeping it light. I can keep it light too, but it can’t go beyond phone calls and fun visits. Anything after that is quite serious in my book.

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