hair success!

*Update: I think this hair routine might be better for straight hair*

Last night’s routine was a success!  I woke up this morning to soft, silky hair.  My roots were afro’d out – not straight, but not in waves or coils – think brushed out, but not frizzy.  My relaxed ends were shiny.  I knew before I even began styling something had gone right!

I added a little Hot Six oil to my roots and ends, then jumped in the shower with a shower cap.  I then flat ironed my hair and styled.  A little Garnier hair wax for smoothness and I was out the door!  Even the usually frizzy, cow lick pieces, were smooth and silky with one pass of my flat iron.

With a little more time devoted to flat ironing, I think I could’ve achieved salon perfect styling!  I just don’t have the patience or time to do small piece by small piece flat ironing.  I’ll save that for the professionals.

I think the secret to my success is my newest product – Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector.  It does everything it says – my hair is smooth, straight, shiny, and silky.  My hair is baby soft.  I am going to order the Straightening Spray (for blow drying) and use the Polisher for flat ironing.  I want to see if that combination gets me to that final point of success – salon-worthy hair!

I plan on maintaining my  hair with Hot Six Oil and a wrap overnight.  My next planned wash will be on Sunday when I have time to flat iron more carefully.  Overall, I think I have finally found my straight hair routine!  All I need now is a good hair cut (I’ll get that in September) and I’ll be ready to go!

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