in the meanwhile

Thank you to The Planner and Thkchk for the words of wisdom on my previous post. I think my heart is saying, fb2 is great. My mind is saying, but is he just a good man and great in general or is he a good man who is great because he wants to be with you?

I suppose only time will tell. If he makes the trip out to visit me, that will determine if the chemistry we have is real. Then it will be up to both of us to do something with it or let it go. My goal for this weekend is to put it out of my mind.

I don’t blog much about my social life, but I have a great life in town. This weekend, I’m going to let go of these worries and give my mind a vacation. I’m leaving work early today. Tonight I’ll be going to a BBQ that will have lots of men. I will be there with my newly lost pound (minus 7.5!) and an outfit showing off all my assets! Saturday, I’ll be enjoying our local tax free weekend with C. and enjoying my third Restaurant Week spot with friends. Sunday, I’m going to see if I can find a little faith, lol.

Taking a deep breath and moving my focus to other things.

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2 Comments on “in the meanwhile”

  1. Thkchk Says:

    Your title reminded me of Iyanla Vanzant’s book “In the meantime”. I couldn’t remember if I had actually read it or just saw it.

    Some pages aren’t included in the preview but you’ll get what she’s saying if you only look at the introduction and chapter 1.

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    I’ll take a look. I use this subject header alot. It references Mary J. Blige’s song, In the Meantime.

    “In the meantime, what do you do
    When there’s no one left but you
    And you’re alone
    How do you feel when the one you love
    Doesn’t, doesn’t seem real
    Do you run, or do you try to heal
    The hurt inside
    But oh, but in the meantime

    I have found within myself
    Everything I need to get by
    Cuz I Know what to do in the meantime”

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