today’s hair update

I think this may be my final report on trying to figure out the straight hair routine, at least for now.  My hair is looking good! 

Last night I ran aloe vera gel through my hair, focusing on the areas that were starting to revert, then used a little Hot Six oil before wrapping my hair in my scarf.  I woke up this morning to straight, slightly wavy in areas, hair!  Now I don’t want to mislead anyone, my hair is not salon bone straight, but it is straight texture-wise, with the thickness that you usually lose with a relaxer, and is very shiny.

Today marks 3 days since my last wash, so not bad!  I will wash my hair tonight or tomorrow morning.  I have good results today and could probably go longer and still look good, but my hair is letting me know it wants water.  What are the signs?  Well, my roots are wavy today, not straight like yesterday.  My relaxed ends are also starting to look as though there is ‘product’ on them.  Also, my edges along the front of my hair line are in tighter curls.  After a wash, and as late as yesterday, they were separated, defined curls.  Today they are reaching for each other trying to make my version of an afro, lol.

I’ve learned so much these past few months!  I’ve gone almost 5 months without a relaxer.  Who knew it was possible?  Sadly, black girls aren’t always given the opportunity to appreciate the hair God gave them.  Before they are old enough to walk, someone may already be working to disguise their real hair texture, instead of nurturing it to make sure it’s healthy. 

Thankfully, I never had that experience.  I got a relaxer on my own as a teenager to just have easier manageability.  Back then there weren’t flat irons and products that could (as I see now) produce very good results for straight looks, while not hindering my ability to see my beautiful curls, kinks, and spirals. 

I’m a long way from having a head full of natural hair, but I think I’m going to make it back again.  I can’t wait.  I will be posting pictures.  I know that’s critical to documenting a hair journey.  I am going to work on getting my battery charger replaced this week.

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