just a little brighter

fb2 has his ticket and will be visiting me next week!

I guess I have to change my thinking (a little, lol) on men. Definitely an area for me to explore, but for this moment, I can say that I’ve had seven months of great conversation, attention, friendship, and fun with fb2 and he is flying out to see me for a long Labor Day weekend of fun.

We’re going to eat, site see, visit with mutual friends (we have a few folks in common that live out here), and just spend time together hopefully enjoying the same good stuff we’ve had for months at a distance.

I have to say I find this all unbelieveable. Just the idea that you can find someone online out of the blue (granted we have friends in common, but we haven’t met), have great chemistry, and talk daily for months is just amazing to me. It’s even more amazing to think that he’ll be in front of me next week.

We’ve been careful enough to acknowledge that we have to see if that chemistry is the same in person, but even if it isn’t, I still think he’s great and I think he thinks the same of me. We are already talking about our next visit, ha ha. I guess this visit will determine if that’s as friends or as more.

The long distance thing still makes me temper my excitement, but for this moment, I’m going to shine a little brighter and be excited and giggly and enjoy it!

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