hair update

Last night I had a hair appointment for a wash, flat iron, and trim.  I officially have a nice piece of hair in the back with NO RELAXED ENDS! 

My beautician layered the back and freshened up my bob to blend the newly natural piece (natural due to breakage – all of the relaxed ends had broken off).  Exciting!  I’m a little nervous about maintaining it straight, but she also gave me the cutest Babyliss mini flat iron (the blue one) to help me maintain it. 

babyliss mini flat iron

I’m excited about having the newly natural piece of hair. By December, I should have plenty of hair (at least in the back) to finally have nothing but natural hair. The front is a different story. My beautician thinks my hair is ‘dormant and isn’t growing as fast in the front. I think the texture is just different. It just isn’t that kinky curly unless wet. With any bit of product or heat, it’s straight as my relaxed ends. I guess we’ll see over time.

Overall, I think I am going to enjoy my curl pattern. I’m going to let it grow out through December before I stop doing the straight styles and start trying to wear it curly. By then I should have at least 2-3 inches of hair to work with. Plenty for a nice curly fro.

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