a perfect weekend

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend with fb2. He was the same as he is long distance.

We started the weekend with breakfast downtown at one of my favorite spots – Cafe Bra.zil. It was cool to see he could appreciate it. This particular location is in a rougher part of downtown and has a mixed crowd – including the Lizard Man (pictures aren’t for the weak), one of my favorites, lol. fb2 was into the local places and that was fine by me. I like people who step outside of the mainstream to peak into the nooks and crannies of a town to see how the locals do it.

We spent a lot of time ‘nesting’. It was nice just sitting on the couch enjoying each other’s space. We watched a lot of movies creating a lot of time for snuggling on the couch (and great leg and foot massages, 🙂 ) and good conversation. It was interesting seeing him on my turf. It’ll be interesting to be on his turf one day.

From there, most of the weekend was spent watching movies and touring the local sports stadiums and museums. Touring the new Cow.boy’s stadium and the Ran.ger’s Stadium was great. I almost felt like I was on vacation. It was fun being out together and being a part of a couple. It was funny how people kept asking if we wanted to take pictures together. It was fun to see how others interpreted our vibe together.

Other than dinner out here and there, we went to dinner and got to enjoy a game watch party with a mutual friend. We didn’t let on to the fact he was in town visiting me. I personally don’t want anyone in my business except my close friends. We have a lot of friends in common and I’d rather we decide what we’re going to be before we involve extra people.

I’m glad I took a chance on what turned out to be a perfect weekend. We didn’t talk in terms of making what we are doing something official, and I’m cool with that. Instead we focused on enjoying what we have, continuing what we’ve been doing, and planning our next visit.

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