This year has been very rewarding in the friendship department.  Some have fallen by the wayside, but quite a few great ones have emerged or remained true – C, A, N, K, T, N – just to name a few.

October starts the wrap up for 2009 for me.  I am already making plans for 2010.  Planning for the new year has me thinking about what I need to make sure I complete before it begins.

  • Become a true 95% vegetarian (what can I say, I don’t have an issue with meat, lol).
  • Clean out my closet
  • Finish touch up painting and paint front room (again)
  • Plan trip to see fb2 (almost 9 months and counting)
  • Attend K’s wedding and survive seeing the ex (unfortunately he may be there.  As I told K, I’ve never had someone lead me down a road so convincingly and to make such a dramatic turn so callously.  It didn’t do anything more than give me experiences that led me to today – and today is amazingly great.
  • Save, save, save – I must continue to put away as much as I can and curb my excesses.
  • Begin office clean up
  • Continue to grow.
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