weekend hair experiment

This weekend I’m going to work on amping up my moisturizing routine.  I’ve had such great styling results from my current routine that I think it’s caused me to become lazy in basic maintenance.

Tonight I’m going to wash, deep condition (Organic Root Stimulator Mayonnaise), and follow my usual routine of conditioning (Yes to Carrots), styling (Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding), heat protectant (Fantasia IC), and moisturize (Miss Jessie’s Buttercream).

My experiment is to go back to nightly moisturizing with water and aloe vera gel.  I’d removed this from my routine (glycerin and liquid aloe vera were a part of the original mixture) because my hair was drawing too much moisture from the air (during a particularly rainy week) leaving my hair soaked and limp.  In making this change, I lost the element of adding moisture daily.

This weekend (also a potentially rainy weekend) I will try a routine of adding water and aloe vera gel, especially to my roots, nightly before going to bed.  I’ll seal with my Hot Six oil and wrap with a scarf.  In the past I’ve had shiny, smooth hair the next day.  Hopefully I can get that back and can overcome having dry, tight roots that depend on a flat iron to straighten (which only lasts half a day).

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