creamy crack

I was so sad after my workout yesterday. I had the biggest relaxer craving! After my workout, my head was soaked in sweat and of course that meant my hair reverted fast to curls and as it dried turn into a hard, uncombable mess. I couldn’t help but think how my hair would’ve just been straight if I still had my relaxer.

Now I know that with curls all I have to do is wash and go, but I still have a blend of relaxer and natural so I was stuck with just a hot mess on my head. Thankfully I’d brought a hat, but my hair was something awful.

Anyone out there with tips on how to prep or manage your hair for working out? I know most people just either wash and wear or have protective styles (like braids or weave). I’m not a weave person and while I’m thinking of braids for my upcoming trip to Mexico, I don’t see wearing them on a regular basis.


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2 Comments on “creamy crack”

  1. Thkchk Says:

    Are your workouts in the morning or evenings?
    I worked out in the mornings and some times I had to do a quick wash and rollerset before work. If it is long enough to bun or do something with a headband.

    I actually bought a bunch of scarves and “bad” hair days meant a scarf. I know that everyone can’t do that but I am so glad I was able to. I chopped in )ct 08 and scarves and wigs were (still are–LOL) my staple. I’ve worked up to a phony puff since mine is puny.

    If you need something for emergencies look into a half wig. You can always pop that on and then do your hair in the evening.

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    My intense workouts aren’t very regular. I mainly walk in the evenings and thankfully that has no effect on my hair.

    My biggest probably is that my hair is very short in the back right now and it’s hard for me to find wigs/falls that match my hair color. They are available everywhere in black, but sandy brown is hard to find in my texture.

    I know this is just a moment in time. I just need to give in to washing my hair more and a new hair routine overall. Thanks for the advice!

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