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Today I am encouraged. I decided to switch up my hair routine. I like Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, but it don’t like the residue it leaves. It feels a bit drying if you use too much and sometimes even when you don’t.

Last night after co-washing and conditioning, I tried the Stretch Silkening Cream and I am encouraged. This seems like a much richer cream definitely not as drying as the Curly Pudding.

On my wet hair in it’s natural state, I had quite a few more spiral curls with the Stretch Silkening Cream than with other products I’ve tried. I also seemed to see more big ‘s’ curls clumping and forming. If I didn’t have any relaxed ends, I would’ve let it continue to dry curly to see what the outcome would’ve been. Since it was 9 p.m. at night, I continued with my straight hair routine and blow dried my hair out, added my usual heat protectant and flat ironed. I wrapped with Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercream as recommended by the company and a little oil overnight.

Today my hair is soft and smooth. No frizzies. I’m curious to see if there is any benefit from a second night of having my hair wrapped, but overall I like the results. I think as my hair grows out this will be a good routine to revisit for both curly styles and straight.

I like the way the Stretch Silkening Cream seemed to make my curls clump and the moisture it seemed to seal in. I also like the manageability it brings to my straightening routine. It seemed like my hair blowdried straighter than I’ve seen before.

I think the longer my hair gets, the easier it will be to see better straight hair results. It’s hard to flat iron a million short pieces of hair. It’ll be nice to work with longer pieces and then to ‘cheat’ a little with the roots by wrapping overnight.

We’ll see what the reaction is around the office. A few weeks ago during a hallway chat with the girls I was told I had one of the best heads of hair in the office (woo hoo, lol). If only they knew what I went through to work it out!

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