only a moment in time

I’ll have to find the exact quote, but I believe in this month’s Oprah magazine, there is a quote in one of the articles about how you shouldn’t worry about how something will work out because as bad or big as something may seem, looking at the bigger picture and years later, it is all just going to be a moment in time.

That’s what I’ve been holding on to this month and I’ve found that it really does put things in perspective. I was worried about something and it seems to keep resolving itself for the better. Some of my big deals that are now not so big:

  • Managing back to back trips home, a trip to see fb2, and holiday travel.  Now I just have a trip to see fb2 and holiday travel.  One trip home was cancelled and the other is one I can decide on at the last minute if I feel like it.  Yay!
  • Girlfriend getaways.  I now have a 5 day cruise planned, local plans, and I just have to figure out plans with my cousin
  • Finances.  My car will be paid off in one year!  I’m holding steady, doing well, and preparing for a new infusion of income.
  • Work.  My big projects are almost done.  I can either see a boost from it or when the economy improves, a boost from somewhere else.
  • Being single.  I’m still there, but as a friend reminded me, God has already outlined the plan.  I just have to live it.
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