hair update

My hair is looking good!  The Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Cream and Baby Buttercreme combo is working.  Today is an extremely humid day and my hair is hanging in there.  No reversion so far.  My hair is taking in the moisture from the air so it isn’t as fluffed up as it was when I left home, but it’s laying well.

My biggest challenge now is growing my hair out.  If my hair wasn’t in layers, it would be so much better.  I’m happy I have a style I can rock when growing out the relaxed and natural ends, but having some length would make styling much easier.  I could just flat iron, wrap and go or pull it all into a ponytail.  Not as exciting as the edgy bob I’m rocking, but easier to keep looking good. 

My next wash will be on Saturday after spin class.  I’m so happy to have built a routine that allows for some level of wash and go.  I can’t wait until next year this time when I can wash and go curly!

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