Random thoughts

Still not winning the battle over sugar.  Is there a pill I can take? 

I am feeling sick today – sinus, sneezing, headache.  I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can go to spin class.

My hair is a mystery.  It seems I won’t get to really enjoy my natural texture until I chop it off or I’ve gotten about 2 years of growth (therefore enough length to see).  I’m almost six months in.  Only 1 1/2 years to go.

I am a football widow and I’m not even married.  fb2 is aborbed.  *sigh*  But he gives me love the minute the games are over.  What is the deal with football?

My beautician can’t fix my hair for two of the most important dates I have next month.  We might have to part ways.

I am so blessed.  I have everything.  How amazing is that?

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2 Comments on “Random thoughts”

  1. The Planner Says:

    About sugar, I had real problems with sugar when I launched my diet.

    I had to cut out everything sweet for a short period of time — no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no fruit juice, no fruit. After three days, my cravings were gone and they’ve never come back. I enjoy sweet things, but I don’t need them.

    You might take a week and cut all sugar and artificial sweeteners to see if that helps.

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    I definitely need a fresh start. I’m still maintaining the habits, but the content is extremely poor. I’ve lost sight of how to perfect what I’m doing – how much or how little to eat – even what to eat.

    I need a new perspective. I don’t want to change my program. I’d like to eat less, but I believe the habit of eating all day is helpful. I need to find sample meal plans that give me some insight on how I can improve.

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