something has changed

I may be over-sensitive, but I don’t feel like fb2 is into like he was a month ago.

I’ve all of a sudden become the Monday/Thursday girl.  No communication over the weekend, but like clockwork, I get an email, call or text on Monday.

Last weekend on a lazy Sunday morning, I sent him a text saying good morning.  A few weeks ago I would’ve gotten an immediate call and a long morning of conversation.  This time I got nothing and didn’t hear from him until Tuesday….a work day.

Tuesday,  he sent an email titled “late good morning”.  I didn’t respond back.

I got a text yesterday in which we briefly chatted about nothing.

I feel disconnected.  I feel like something has changed.  It may be that at month 9 the excitement phase is over.  Either way I thought I’d write my thoughts and feelings for the record.  I’ve had these moments in the past with him, but he still stayed around.  I guess knowing that we aren’t in a relationship is a reminder that this could be over at any moment and there would be no sense of ownership on his part of how it made me feel.

It reminds me to keep my feelings in check and to keep moving.  Too bad there isn’t much to move to.

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4 Comments on “something has changed”

  1. Thkchk Says:

    You could say that the ball is in his court. Let him initiate the next communication. There are times when you don’t want to let go of something whether it is something concrete or a relationship. Even though it doesn’t “feel” the same you hold on. At some moment you’ll feel a complete disconnect and it will be emotionally OK. If you’re having those feelings let them play out. Holding on to something mediocre will prevent you from receiving something spectacular.

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    Yes, I agree. I am not one to hold on to anything, but I also don’t want to let go of something because I’m not getting calls and texts every day like I’m use to.

    I will definitely keep living life and see where things take us. In the end, I’m open. I just want to find lasting love in my lifetime.

    • Thkchk Says:

      Yea. Nothing like being spoiled! I had to learn to not let those moments define my mood. So good for you. TwentyTwo must take care of TwentyTwo.

      • TwentyTwo Says:

        It’s hard, but I’ve found that when you push guys they make rash decisions and they usually aren’t good ones. I’m going to just keep on living and see if we make it past this phase.

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