long distance loving

Despite my angst, fb2 and I are still doing well.  I worry about investing myself in him, then losing him while he just keeps being fb2, good and steady.

I sent him a txt today because I hadn’t talked to him.  This is very unusual for us, so it had me terribly torn up about what it all meant.  He called me right back and I told him I was feeling neglected.  He gave me lots of loving, well as best you can long distance, and I feel better.  I am still a little sore from my imaginations of what might be, but I am glad he and I are still on the same page.

This experience has made me see that I do have feelings for him.  As hard as I try to keep it in a little box, I do like him.  It has also reminded me that men, once they think things are good, go on living their lives.  We’ll be in a tizzy over every little thing, and they are hanging with their boys thinking things are fine.

It’s a wonder men and women end up together.

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