carol’s daughter

I’m not in love.

A friend was sweet enough to give me three Carol’s Daughter products to try over the weekend and I am really not loving them.  I have given them three days and my hair is as dull and lifeless as day one.

Carol's Daughter


Saturday I tried the Hair Milk, Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, and the Hair Elixer.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the smell and each product felt so lightweight, but I used them all as directed…and left the house feeling really bad around the head.  I even talked myself into continuing to let the product stay in my head, and using the Hair Elixer to moisturize, but as of today, I’m calling it quits.  I will be washing my hair and returning to my last routine.

My hair needs moisture.  As far as I can tell, these products are only providing oil.  My tresses don’t look nourished at all, just dull and dry.  My roots aren’t straight (they straighten out with moisture). My hair feels like it feels when it’s dirty and that’s not a good thing when it’s freshly washed. Worst of all my head is itching.

Since I received the products for free, I will try them again when I’m 100% natural.  My natural friend swears by the hair milk, but then again her hair is much thinner than mine.  I am also curious about the hair butter, but we’ll see. I find other hair butters more intriguing. Until I’m 100% though, this product is going on the shelf.

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