hunting for a new styling

I’ve had to find a new beautician.  The one I started my hair journey on can’t seem to fit me in for an appointment.  Oh well for that. 

Thursday I’ll be trying someone new.  Her salon is across the street from my office, so if nothing else, she’ll be extra convenient.  Now I just have to see if she knows how to work with natural hair.  My biggest fear is using too much heat, being too scissor happy and being a one trick (style) pony.  I’ve seen her work and she seems to have a knack for maintaining/growing long hair.  Both she and the three clients I’ve seen have very long hair…one has a really great short cut that I love.

I’m more of a short style girl myself, but with this new hair journey I am focused on growing my hair out.  I believe it gives more options for my natural hair, especially since it will look shorter with shrinkage.

During my upcoming visit I plan on getting a good hair cut that gives me some style while keeping me on track with growing out these awful layers.  I also want to make sure I have someone who can maintain healthy hair.  If she does alright during this visit, I might start going to the salon more often, at least until I get more length.  It would be nice to take a break from doing it myself.

I didn’t expect to write so much, so my next post will highlight some of my hairstyle ideas.

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